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  • Bearcats Insider: Eastlink Division Final

    It wasn't easy, but the Truro Bearcats are through to the second round of the playoffs. Expectations for the semifinal against the Weeks Crushers were blown out of the water, with blowout win after blowout win. Two of the six games were decided by three goals, with the rest decided by at least five. Read More
  • Bearcats Insider: 3-1 Series Lead

    You could make an argument that Game 1 against the Crushers was the low-point in the season for the Truro Bearcats. They were dominated in a 9-1 loss. Since that point, however, they've outscoured the Crushers 19-4 and head to New Glasgow Saturday night with a chance to advance to the Eastlink Division Final. Read More



Have you been having any roof problems due to snow & ice build-up?